KNODOS WDT Tool + Magnetic Stand

€18,95 EUR€21,00

KNODOS presents a beautiful WDT tool, fashioned from anodised aluminium with stainless steel needles. The WDT or ' Weiss Distribution Technique' tool was created from the desire to improve upon the much used 'distributor' tools. The WDT tool has been shown to declump and homogenise grounds much more efficiently.


The WDT tool comes with an aluminium stand with a magnetic top to store away the tool effortlessly and without any disruption to your workflow


Featuring a twist body to change between a larger 120 degree angle and a shallower angle depending on your needs.


Looking for a gift? KNODOS accessories are perfect. Why not pair with the new RDT Spray Bottle set and make your coffee-loving friend one very happy nerd!