1Zpresso Q2 Heptagonal Manual Coffee Grinder

€105,00 EUR

The 1Zpresso Q2 heptagonal, is manufactured from high-grade Aluminium alloy with a brushed/matted finish for easy cleaning. A wooden section embellished with the 1Zpresso brand allows for easy grip when grinding.

Q2 Heptagonal is the new 2022 entry model manual grinder from 1Zpresso and is the perfect grinder for those looking for ultimate portability together with intensely consistent grinds in the pour over to French press level. Store your beans in the grind chamber, and grind on demand. 

The Stainless Steel heptagonal conical burrs ensure your grinder lasts for multiple uses all year round with increased effortless grinding over the previous Q2 model - the pentagonal. 

Q2 comes with a cleaning brush to maintain your burrs and its size is portable enough to fit into an Aeropress. 

Also included is a jute-style carry case to protect Q2.

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Product information:

1Zpresso Q2 Manual Coffee Grinder

 Size Body: 138 x 46 mm / Handle length 120mm
Material Body: Aluminium alloy, burrs: Heptagonal, Stainless steel (420, 304)
Weight  385g
Capacity 15-20g of roasted beans
Grind range Pour over to French Press/Caffetiere


Country of Origin: China

1Zpresso Q2 Heptagonal Manual Coffee Grinder