Timemore Chestnut Nano 3 Hand Coffee Grinder

€109,00 EUR€115,00

Timemore Chestnut Nano 3 is fashioned from high-grade Aluminium alloy with either a stamped matrix pattern on the black version, or a frosted rough finish on the white version. Standing an impressive 10cm tall with collapsible crank, portability is next level with the Nano. 

Nano comes with the all-new S2C 660 Stainless steel burr set which is poised for reduced fines at coarser grinds whilst maintaining a relatively unimodal grind distribution at espresso level. 

Product information:

 Size Body: 126 x 45 mm / Crank Handle: 152mm
Material Body: Aluminium alloy / Burrs: stainless steel 38mm, S2C 660 / Handle: Walnut wood
Weight  355g
Capacity 15-18g of roasted beans
Grind range


Most suitable for: Pour over / Aeropress / French Press / Mokapot / Clever Dripper


Country of Origin: China