Timemore Crystal Glass V60 Dripper - Black

€17,00 EUR

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Timemore are absolutely known for classy yet simple design. With their popular line of grinders, they have proven to the coffee world that this manufacturer gets it.

The Crystal Eye glass dripper is a glass 1-2 cup V60 dripper with a unique 3-layer design. The layered grooving allows for a higher contact patch with the glass, directed flow and can be used as a visual guide for grind ratios if weighing takes too much time in the morning. 

The higher flow rate achieved with the layered grooves allows for minimal over-extraction making this dripper an easy to use solution for your go-to V60 in the morning.

Included in the box:

  • Crystal Eye Dripper Size 01

  • Black Clip-On dripper stand

  • Instruction guide

  • 5 Size 01 filter papers.

The Crystal Eye Dripper by Timemore is designed to fit size 01 filters perfectly, but can accommodate size 02 filters with slight overhang (1cm) which some find preferable. The optional filter papers supplied will be size 02 filters.