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The perfect cup comes from bringing together three elements. the Bean, the Technique and the Equipment. Sigma provides unending support and advice in navigating your way through the coffee world. Start your journey, or further it with Sigma.

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Timemore Crystal Eye Pour Over Brewer Set - Sigma Coffee UK
Timemore Crystal Eye Pour Over Brewer Set - Sigma Coffee UK
Timemore Glass Coffee Server 360ml - Sigma Coffee UK

Timemore Glass Coffee Server

From €18,50 EUR €19,00

Introducing Timemore Chestnut S3

Timemore's first external ring adjustment hand grinder, and doesn't it look good.

An all-new 40mm S2C 890 burr set, a refined version of the X-Lite burr with an enhanced reduction in fines making this the perfect candidate for a hybrid grinder with a focus on filter.

Timemore Sculptor 078 Electric Coffee Grinder 78mm Flat Ghost Burrs Sigma Coffee EU

Introducing Sculptor 078 by Timemore

Timemore's innovation does not stop at hand grinders, no matter how great they are. Sculptor 078 is Timemore's answer to the affordable electric grinder market, wearing a 78mm flat burr set designed from the ground up to ensure complete consistency for your pour over needs.

Adjustable RPM brushless and incredibly silent motor allows for slower, or faster grinding at your choice.

Patented grinds knock system holds onto fines before being knocked out at a simple twist of the tip to discard, or add for near zero retention.

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    The item I purchased was on pre-order when I purchased it but Sigma shipped it on the date stated. Well packaged item, no fuss at all on Sigma Coffee's end
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    Amazing customer service! Very fast with their response and products arrived very quickly. They also gift wrapped it with a card saying “Happy Birthday” as I left a note saying “a birthday gift for myself”. This small gesture literally made my day! Also I’m very pleased with my products!
  • ★★★★★
    Very happy. Customer Service has been great, delivery to Northern Ireland was quick and free (something that has been more unusual since BREXIT), well packaged and the 1zspresso grinder I got was by far the cheapest I could find anywhere. Very happy will be using again
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