Weber Workshops MOONRAKER™ Distribution Tool

€369,00 EUR

Currently offered as a taxes and duty paid import from the United Kingdom

MOONRAKERcombines the best of the love of espresso and romantic Swiss horology. It isn't just all show, it homogenises and distributes grinds more than any tool on the market.

Spirographic pattern

Weber has designed the needles to traverse a spirographic pattern, the chosen pattern does not repeat itself for well over multiple hundreds of rotations. The needles will all span the full surface area of the puck. That's optimum distribution.

Variable needle gauge

MOONRAKER™ has both 200 and 300 micron needle gauges. The larger to take out the boulders, the thinner to finesse the distribution.

Variable needle height

Weber has extensively tested various heights for the needles and at various ratios of heights to come up with the best combination. MOONRAKER™ gives the perfect balance deep bed agitation and surface puck mixing.

Creature comforts

The needles are fixed in place using neodymium magnets, meaning they are replaceable and easily serviceable. 

Product information: 


Body - Anodised Aluminium, 304 Stainless, Strengthened Glass

Needles - 316 Stainless, Copper Springs

Weight / Dimensions

300g / 75 x 65 mm (DxH)

In the box

MOONRAKER™ pre loaded with 10 needles

20 spare needles (long and short)




MOONRAKER™ is designed to be used with 58mm portafilters, but can be modified for use on 54mm portafilters by cutting the needles shorter.