Weber Workshops Blind Shaker | Homogenization & Redistribution Tool

€105,00 EUR

Currently offered as a taxes and duty paid import from the United Kingdom

The Blind Shaker®, by Weber Workshops is crafted from a proprietary process creating a silky smooth interior face to reduce grinds sticking. Shaking your grinds reduces static clumping which in turn reduces channelling and increases extraction yield. With a magnetic base, simply grind directly into the tumbler, close shut with lid and shake. 

Built to work with 58mm baskets, the tumbler can then be placed directly onto the portafilter and the bell removed to distribute grinds efficiently across the basket. WDT to finish and your puck preparation has just reached the next level.

Arm yourself with the Blind Shaker® by Weber and see the improvement in your shots, instantly.