Weber Workshops EPF Espresso Paper Filter

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Weber Workshops x Cafec.

These paper filters are designed for espresso and specifically 58mm portafilters. In conjunction with Cafec in Japan, Weber brings you the EPF.

Thought and Engineering

EPF is designed to with a rough and smooth side, the smooth side goes with the coffee puck and the rough side with the basket to ensure optimal flow.

What does it achieve?

Filter paper in espresso has been shown to lead to a higher overall flow rate by reducing clogging in the basket and increasing evenness in puck extraction.

Product Name Weber Workshops EPF
Compatibility 58mm Portafilters 
Dimensions 55mm Diameter, 0.15mm thickness
Number of Filters  100
Process Wet Crepe Method, different texture on each side to aid flow 


These filter papers can be washed and reused once or twice, but performance may degrade.